…upon entering the Adams Realty office, you experience the difference; an atmosphere of hospitality and professionalism. We are a community service business with agents that are members of the market area we serve. Adams Realty provides a unique approach to the very personal business of home ownership.

…not a Realty Chain. Adams Realty is in the unique position to offer our clients a style of personalized service that is becoming a lost art in the real estate industry. During the 1980’s many firms abandoned their distinctiveness to become members of supermarket-styled national chains; some of which may be ill-equipped to handle the individualized nature of home procurement. Adams Realty presents the alternative; a specialized approach geared toward determining the specific needs and preferences of our clientele. We offer a specialized service of listing and selling a property. That’s all we do. We believe that by choosing one of our agents, you are sure to get results in marketing your property or finding that perfect home for you and your family.

…the people who represent you. The agents of Adams Realty are family-oriented local residents. Our associates provide insight into each neighborhood, school, and community. Adams Realty has grown to be a leader because our people have served our clients well while adhering to the highest standards of integrity and service. We believe in The Golden Rule. We subscribe to this whole heartily as to make your real estate buying or selling a pleasurable experience.

Get to know our area from a neighbor and member of that community an Adams Realty agent. “We know Kosciusko and the surrounding area!” Contact us today to work on your behalf throughout the home purchase process, providing greater insights into the various homes and areas that interest you.

For the home seller, Adams Realty offers the individual attention each home deserves and each homeowner expects. We have an intensive advertising program that targets buyers through local publications and worldwide internet. Our aggressive marketing is specifically created for each of our exclusive listings by professionals in that field.

With the world and technology evolving at lightening speed, the goal of Adams Realty is to remain ever-current but not lose sight of the facts; people need a personal touch and competent assistance. Invest your time with a highly-skilled, trained professional at Adams Realty and you will experience the difference.